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Advanced Materials

Based on years of accumulated knowledge and experience by RCG and it's Strategic Partners, RCG can deliver valuable industrial technical support, whether it is trouble-shooting manufacturing and processing problems, conducting plastic and rubber compounding trials, providing material selection and formulation recommendations, or performing specialty polymer material syntheses and blending. 


RCG also offers specialty services such as preparation of manufacturing prototypes and process scale-up or commercialization support. It is our constant aim to help clients actualize their technical ideas, solve processing issues, and achieve productivity improvements in polymers.


RCG specializes in international process engineering and turnkey plant construction solutions for the realization of Polypropylene(High Melt Flow Index) and Polycarbonate plants, RCG ensures smooth integration with upstream technology providers to achieve an optimal plant design that is both: Economical and environmentally feasible.


RCG’s interest in adapting and welcoming to state-of-the-art technologies has driven us to succeed until this date. Our specialization in Polycarbonate technologies leads us to collaboration with 3D printing technologies to play our extensive role in in-house modeling and production of fast-track spare parts and OEM of industrial applications.  

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