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Real Estate

Sustainable Urban Development


Sustainable urban development is the way forward for cities to mitigate climate change. Integrated urban places designed to bring people, activities, buildings, and public spaces together, with easy walking and cycling connection between them and near-excellent transit service to the rest of the city.

Redevelop Prime Real Estate Properties

Cleaning up and reinvesting to redevelop prime located properties protects the environment, reduces blight, and protects public health and offer opportunities to revitalize neighborhoods. Sites can be transformed to spur economic development, including the building of housing, parks and open space, mixed-use development, and community centers. Careful redevelopment of prime located properties can revitalize underserved neighborhoods and improve community health.

Affordable Housing to Everyone (Compact Houses)

  • Smaller is affordable

  • Less maintenance

  • Easy to clean

  • Better location

  • High rental demand

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