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Modular Skid Packages

RCG and its Strategic Partners offer custom fabrication of complete process systems into skidded modular process systems, creating compact, efficient and ergonomic work environments while reducing downtime at installation and start-up. With our user friendly operation and panels, you receive on-site training and flexible design combined into existing equipment. 


RCG and its Strategic Partners aspire to keep continuing its renowned presence in the Global Market through committing to “Integrity and Excellence”. 

RCG & Strategic Partners Products by Categories:

  • Pressure Vessels

  • Reactors

  • Columns & Towers

  • Tube & Shell Heat Exchangers

  • HIPPS System & Chemical Injection Skids

  • Pig Launcher & Receivers

  • Shop Fabricated Tanks

  • Pipe Spool Fabrications

  • Metering Skids

  • Process Skids & Modular Assemblies

Benefits of Modular Skid Packages:

  • Faster Turnaround Time:

The preparation and process system design takes place simultaneously, resulting in a faster turnaround time for your projects. The modular process skid reaches your facility fully assembled and tested, so you’ll see a faster time to market — and a faster return on investment.

  • Lower Costs:

The process of modular process skid design and construction is faster than traditional onsite construction, resulting in lower labor costs. In addition, your company can continue to generate revenue from existing operations while the modular process equipment is manufactured offsite.

  • Reduced Safety Concerns:

Pre-assembled and tested systems result in reduced safety concerns on your job site. Since the equipment skid is manufactured offsite, your company will have fewer OSHA exposure hours. The modular process equipment is produced in a factory-like setting with little room for errors that could compromise the integrity of the equipment.

  • Quality Assembly:

Modular skid fabrication takes place under ideal conditions, so the quality of the assembly is reliable. The pump skid manufacturer employs skilled technicians who specialize in the process of designing and constructing modular equipment skids. In addition, since the work is done indoors, the weather never affects project completion times or safety. The final product will comply with the same regulations and codes that apply to traditional stick-built structures for ultimate reliability.

Our scope includes :


  • Design & Detailed Engineering

  • Fabrication Drawings

  • Materials Procurement

  • Rolling of Shells and Forming of Dish Ends,

  • Welding as per ASME Standard through qualified welders

  • Complete Fabrication at our works

  • PWHT (If required)

  • Hydro test, All other Non Destructive Tests,

  • Pickling & Passivation, Painting as per project Specification

  • Teflon ( PFA ) Coating as per project Specification

  • Fit up of all internals (if required)

  • Complete QA/QC Documentation and as-built drawings

  • ASME U or U2 Stamping, CE Marking, GOST R Certification, ARH Documentation etc as required

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