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Our Group is fully capable in ensuring that the project implementation will be carried out in a professional and efficient manner, our Group will formulate and implement a total project control system within 4 weeks from the effective date of any project and will submit a write up on the project control system to our Group Management and Client. No changes will be made to any activity without prior consultation with our Group Management and Client.

The primary objective of this project control system is to provide timely accurate information needed by the project team, project management, and Client to identify areas of concern and opportunity, and to initiate appropriate action for the successful execution of the project. The elements of project control system will include:

  • A Project Execution Schedule

  • A Progress Measurement / Monitoring System

  • A Reporting System

These are achieved by Adapting:

  • Appropriate project management process for the desired project,

  • Train employees in our Group for the project management process

  • Ensure that the process is reflected in project workflow and/or software,

  • Ensure that our team leaders fully understand and reinforce the process,

  • Provide ongoing coaching of the process to team leaders.

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