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Refining Technology


(1) Low-grade crude processing and increasing light oil yield technology 

(2) Clean fuel production technology  

(3) Refining & chemical integrated technology 

(4) Lubricant & other oil products production technology 

(5) Refinery energy saving and emissions reduction technology 

(6) Unconventional energy resources refining technology


Chemical Technology


(1) Olefins & Aromatics production technology 

(2) Basic organic raw material production technology 

(3) Polyolefin production technology 

(4) Production technology of monomer & polymer of synthetic fiber  

(5) New product development technology of synthetic resin, fiber & rubber 

(6) Fine chemicals & Biochemical technology 

(7) Novel energy resource & new materials technology


Utility Engineering Technology


(1) Safety technology 

(2) Environment friendly technology  

(3) Energy saving technology 

(4) Equipment long-cycle operation technology 

(5) Oil & gas storage and transportation technology 

(6) Instrumentation Automation technology 

(7) Major equipment production technology 

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