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RCG and its Strategic Partners are one of the most reputed Multi-Discipline Engineering Service Provider specialized in Engineering Design from conceptual to completion, Project Management, Specialized Engineering Studies & Analyses, and Safety & Environmental Engineering. RCG and its Strategic Partners aspire to keep continuing its renowned presence in the Global Market through committing to “Integrity and Excellence”. 


RCG has established a strong relationship with our clients through our commitment to fulfilling their needs. We add value to investors through our innovative and sustainable engineering solutions.


RCG has the capability to provide a fully integrated technical service throughout the lifecycle of a project, from the initial concept to completion. Our highly experienced engineering and management experts along with the support of strategic partners provide strong leadership with a clear commitment to quality and delivery. 

Our sectors include:


1.    Chemical & Petrochemical

2.    Process and Manufacturing

3.    Oil and Gas

4.    Power Generation

5.    Energy

6.    Renewable

7.    Utilities


Our Engineering Services include 4 Phases: Engineering, Project Management, Specialized Engineering Services, and Safety &Environmental Studies.


Engineering Phase: 

1.   Process Engineering and Technical Safety - Upstream & Downstream Oil & Gas, Chemical / Petrochemical, Energy, Full lifecycle Functional Safety, Hazard Identification, and HAZOP Studies, SIL Assessment by LOPA, Risk Graph or Fault Tree, ALARP demonstration, COMAH Report Updates, Human Factors / PUWER assessments.


2.   Mechanical& Piping Engineering - Fixed & Rotating Equipment, Pressure Systems Equipment, 2D & 3D Design Capability, Pipe Stress Analysis, HVAC.


3.   E&I and Control Engineering - LV, MV & HV Power Distribution, Motor Control Centres, Earthing Lighting& Small Power, Specification& Design of Control and Safety Trip Systems, Specification & Design of Field Instrumentation, Safety Studies, Incident Investigation, Hazard Studies and Design, Reviews including all aspects of SIL and ATEX systems.


4.   Civil/Structural Engineering -  Structural Analysis & Design (STAAD Modelling), Multi Storey Building & Plant Support Steelwork Design, Civil Foundations, Drainage & Infrastructure


Project Management Phase:

1.    Tender Package Preparation and Administration

2.    Contract and Procurement Management

3.    Project Execution Planning & Control

4.    Construction Management & Supervision

5.    Quality Management

6.    Project HSE Management

7.    Risk Management &Cost Control

8.    Project Pre-commissioning and Commissioning Assistance


Specialized Engineering Services:

1.    Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

2.    Stress Analysis

3.    Surge Analysis

4.    Heat Radiation Calculations

5.    Finite Element Analysis

6.    Design Integrity Study and Residual Engineering


Risk Assessment:

1.    Hazard &Operability (HAZOP) Study

2.    Hazard Identification(HAZID) Study

3.    Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA)

4.    Formal Safety Assessment (FSA)

5.    Design of Active& Passive Fire Protection Systems

6.    Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

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